5 Corporate Training Hurtles Solved By Video

There is no shortage of training requirements in most companies. Whether your are training general contractors for safety on the job, office workers for compliance or HR issues, sales strategies, or new hire orientation, it is universally important to develop an effective, engaging message that communicates the pertinent materials. There are a lot of hurtles that companies and trainers need to address when developing a training program, and video offers a solution for many of these.

When deciding on your next training program, consider the following training hurtles and how video can help:

Training Hurtles~

1. Consistency: A big challenge of any large or small company is ensuring all audiences are learning and understanding the same training content. Consistency with training across an organization is difficult with the varying teaching styles and delivery of content from one trainer to another. Heck, consistency is even difficult to get from the same trainer from one day to another. Video is a great solution to ensure that the exact content is delivered the same every time. When understanding the content matters, then consistency is key!

By Tadas1980 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Engagement: Creating an engaging training program is necessary to ensure maximum learning and content retention.  Video uses images, audio, storytelling, and even emotion to communicate content. This has been shown to be much more effective for keeping the audiences attention and improving learning. Studies show the brain can process video 60,000 times quicker than it can process text alone.   See here for more stats and benefits of video.

3. Reducing Cost: Cost is a big factor when creating and implementing an effective training program. Big companies have to train employees all over the country, while smaller companies deal with lack of time and resources. Having a training video allows trainers to create the training video one time, and quickly disseminate it as needed. Compare this to a live-action training session where costs can include a trainer’s salary, travel costs, and repeated planning and organizing that uses valuable time and resources. Contact us now and price your training video today! 

4. Timing/ Coordination: Oh, the joy of coordinating training that fits everyone’s schedule. This is even true with only a few people. Big corporations deal with hundreds and thousands of employees to coordinate training. This is a logistical nightmare! While many small business struggle to get work done with significantly fewer people, it is impossible to decommission them all at the same time to train Video makes training ready to view any time of the day or night, and can be posted to view at any location. No more excuses for employees to miss mandatory training!

5. Tracking and Compliance: Many industries are required to have specific systems in place to ensure compliance with various government agencies (i.e.. safety, regulations, guidelines). Having a training video with digital distribution to employees allows for easy tracking and documents that your company is delivering needed materials in a consistent, timely manner across the company.