First of all, college coaches will request and expect that you to send a highlight video to be seen. If this isn’t enough of a reason that you need a highlight video to participate in athletic recruiting, then here is a list of the Top 6 Reasons You Need a Highlight Video.

1. A big crowd of athletes

The odds are that college coaches don’t know you or your game! With nearly 8 million high school athletes, don’t expect to be “found” without effort on your part. You need to capture you games and athletic abilities and get them in front of coaches. Highlight videos are the best way to quickly highlight your games and personal accomplishments, and it is easier than ever to get your video online and emailed directly to coaches.


If you want a coach to watch you, do not send a full game tape first. College coaches are too busy to watch a full hour long game tape for every recruit, and won’t! They require a shorter, 3-5 minute highlight video first. This allows them to quick get a glimpse of your ability and lets them know who you are in a shorter time. Without this, you may not get seen. If coaches like you, then they may ask for that full game tape so keep it on hand.

4.  Not just plays

A highlight video shows coaches more than just your game. Coaches want to know your sports stats and academic accomplishments to make sure you meet the requirements for their program. Video delivers this information quickly using title screens to introduce you and display your games stats and academic success.

3. Who is who?

A bird-eye view of 22 players on a football field. 22 players on a soccer field. 20 players on a lacrosse field. 12 players on an indoor volleyball court… Seeing a pattern? The point is, many sports have a lot of players on the field at the same time so locating a player quickly is necessary when showing plays. The coach cannot spend time pausing and finding you on the field. A highlight video uses graphics, such as an arrow or circle, to quickly identify you at the beginning of each play so the coach can spot you without stopping, and the video can continue through plays quickly.

5.  Show Your Best!

A highlight video allows you to grab your best plays of the season and compile them in a short video that can be derived to coaches via online.  A full game only shows one game along with all other players and takes a long time for coaches to watch. You want to highlight your plays, not other players. This is your opportunity to sum up your year and show them what you have to offer quickly and effectively. Showing a compilation of one great play after the other is a great way to build excitement and look like a beast of an athlete.

6. Drills

Think you can get away with just sending a game tape? Think again. Many coaches in certain sports (i.e. soccer, baseball, golf) require specific drills to be included along with plays in your video. This is necessary to get a good look at your athletic agility, strength, and speed. A highlight video is perfect for summing up your season and including these necessary drills.

Don’t delay.  College coaches expect you to send your highlight video to be seen, and lots of athletes are sending them as early as their freshman and sophomore year. If you need guidance on what makes a good highlight video then visit our post on Highlight Video Basics.  See our Highlight Video work here.